Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Il Presepe di Manarola (The Nativity Scene of Manarola)

Perhaps my timing is not perfect since we are already approaching the end of January and it seems as if time is just passing so quickly.  However, for those who have intention in visiting Le Cinque Terre this year they might want to consider something different.  I am referring to a visit during the off-season to enjoy a more quite season when compared to the busy summer months.  I personally truly enjoy visiting Italy during the Christmas season because I can appreciate some incredible old traditions that I find help me live more in the moment and help in slowing down the everyday hectic pace of life that many of us live every day.

Today I would like to share a tradition that started in 2007 in Manarola.  A gentleman by the name of Mario Andreoli started to create a large Nativity Scene on the hills of Manarola.  The Nativity is now part of the World Guinness Book.  These are some interesting facts:

  • Total lengths of electrical cables used to connect the Scene, approximately 4 miles.
  • Total amount of lights 17,000.
  • Over 300 live size statutes.
  • Almost all materials used are from recycled products.

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